A strange guest on board: An amusing story happened with a bus driver

A fluffy passenger entered the bus and sat next to the driver

An odd guest entered on board with the help of the bus driver. The driver was going towards his destination in the dark when he saw a big, fluffy dog walking down the street.

The man immediately stopped and opened his bus door. It was a free invitation for the puppy, which he eagerly accepted.

The driver told, that he entered and sat next to him. There was almost no one on the bus, but the puppy considered to sit next to the caring driver, who assisted him.

The driver took the puppy to the bus stop and learned whether there was an animal shelter nearby. The man stopped and the puppy was reunited with his family.

Happily it will be remembered as a amusing and entertaining story and he will never forget his well behaved furry passenger. The owner described the dog as being very friendly. The bus driver told, that he is very happy that he could assist him.


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