The Owner Taught the Rooster to a Dog Leash

A tiktoker with the nickname alexlabaj creates videos for her hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

She talks about the “bird” side of her life. The fact is that the girl has her own bird farm and she records videos about newborn chickens and about the funny moments from the life of a chicken breeder.

Alex began recording a video of teaching one of her cocks to a leash in April. In her first tik tok videos the bird obediently jumps onto the girl’s lap on command and then a harness is fastened on its neck.

However, the rooster did not manage to immediately get used to the leash. The footage shows that during the walk “like a dog” the bird is frightened and even tries to attack the leash. This video has been watched by social network users more than eight million times.

Subscribers and random users who discovered this video came to an unambiguous conclusion: the bird listens to the commands no worse than other pets. They hope that the rooster will get used to the leash and finally turn into a “trained German Shepherd”.

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