“Their legendary father’s copies”: Here is what Michael Jackson’s grown-up children look like

This is how the kids of the king of pop music Jackson have changed since then

It seems like the life and activity of legendary musician’s grown-up children are no longer in the center of attention as it used to be several years ago when the king of pop music was still with us. The well-known musician did everything to hide his precious children from public and kept them anonymous.

Whereas here, the popular musician is showing his 9-year-old heir for the first time from the balcony of a hotel. There were rumors that the man named his third heir “Blanket” in order to always keep him in secret. He simply dreamed of being that miraculous blanket that would protect and defend him till the end of his life.

Before appearing in public, he made his children wear masks in order to hide their faces and have an opportunity to enjoy their carefree childhood years.

But after the death of their devoted father, they got to know in what bitter society they actually had to live.

Currently, the grown-up children of Michael are already to choose their career and path which will lead them during their whole lives.

The kids were mainly raised by their grandmother.

The eldest heir, who has already turned 21, is now studying administration at the university. What concerns his sister, she seems to choose a wrong path.

The young girl has long been addicted to drugs but then partly recovered in the rehabilitation center and with the help of doctors.

According to the family and thousands of network users, the youngest son of the musician looks like his father the most.  He is currently 16 and lives in Los Angeles.

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