The Owner Was Surprised to Find Out that Her Bulldogs Turned Green

If there are green men, and they probably are, then there should be green dogs, cats and other animals as well. They surely can’t live without pets. However, this is a question concerning the science, but as for green dogs, specifically bulldogs, they live next door to us. And here’s the proof!

One morning, Yada Ornsomjit went into the kitchen and saw this.

At first she couldn’t believe her eyes, she even thought that she was ill and should have been checked by a doctor. There may be some problems with my eyes , for example a color blindness because I can’t distinguish the colors properly. But then the rest of the dogs came and everything was clear.

Here is a normal bulldog and a green bulldog!

So, it’s not so bad anymore. A couple of dogs have done something and turned green, while this fact does not bother them in any way. It turns out that she forgot to lock the kitchen door yesterday, where the curious little animals entered. Yada began an investigation at the scene where everything happened .

And then she found out that nothing was left of a whole bag of green food coloring.

As Yada said, her husband and she washed each of the dogs three times and they still remained greenish. They didn’t even know if they wanted to laugh or to cry. Here is such an adventure of the cuties and why not just a little glory on the Internet.

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