A 12-Year-Old Boy Met a Bear in the Forest and His Correct Reaction Saved His Life

A Twitter user posted a video in which he showed how the meeting with the bear took place. The young man planned a trip to nature, inviting his girlfriend and her 12-year-old son to join the trip.

The purpose of the trip was not only relaxation, but also to get new impressions.

The boy’s mother wanted to shoot a video with her son, and asked the boy to go down the mountain. When the guy went down the mountain he felt that something was moving in the bushes. A moment later a bear crawled out of them and looked at the boy with a great appetite.

The man saw the creature in time, and tried to explain to the child what to do next. The most important thing is to move away from the wild beast quietly and very slowly.

Despite the fright. The kid didn’t panic, but slowly walked away from the grizzly.

After a couple of minutes, the bear decided that people didn’t interest it. After the video Twitter users praised the boy for his courage.

“If I faced a bear, the first reaction would be to run as fast as possible.”

I am very glad that everything is fine with the child. If instincts had worked, it is not known how it would have ended “

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