The Owner Approached the Microphone to the Sleeping Cat, and Its Snoring Touched the Whole Internet, but Frightened the Tailed One Itself

A cat from Australia named Totoro conquers Tik Tok at a steady pace. Its owner hardly expected such a success when he created an account for his pet at the end of last year. Now more than 120 thousand people have subscribed to Totoro.

Totoro’s owner shared a funny video recently. He wondered how his pet was sniffing in sleep. He decided to approach the microphone to its muzzle, but neither the owner nor Totoro itself expected such sounds!

Totoro’s sniffle surprised even the creature itself.

@totorothepussycat He snores so loud!!! #fluffy #kitty #catsoftiktok #catsoftik #cat #cats #pet #pets #catsbae #catslove #catwalk #catlove #catsmoves #petparent #fyp ♬ original sound – animalsdoingthings

Despite the difference between expectation and reality, social network users loved Totoro’s sniffle!

I fell in love.”

It’s so cute and funny.”

The cutest snoring I’ve ever heard.”

The followers appreciated Totoro’s reaction to its snoring as well, because from that sound it managed to wake up itself.

And there is a “Hmmmmm? at the end.”

I love this change of tone at the end.”

Thanks to its surprised face, videos with Totoro seem very funny.

@totorothepussycat OMG THE PERFECT WINK #cat #cats #catlover #tiktokanimals #petlover #tiktokcats ♬ 충전완료 – 제정JJ

The owner of the cutie continues to post cute videos of his pet. And how not to fall in love with this fluffy creature?

“Show me a banana”

@totorothepussycat Banana or Apple. Here are the results #repost #catsoftiktok #catsoftik #catsanddogs #catsof #catsmoves #catsound #catsvideo #catslovers #catdogstory ♬ original sound – Totoro The Pussy Cat

Maybe all the owners of the tailed cuties have already rushed to listen to the sniffing of their four-legged friends. But if you don’t have a pet, don’t be discouraged, but watch how other cats amuse and delight their owners. We try to keep you in a good mood!

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