The Postal Workers Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes When They Opened a Box That Had Been Traveling Across the Country

There was a blue plastic container with many holes on the sides and a tape-taped lid which immediately aroused suspicion among the police officer. The man went around the parcels checking for the presence of dangerous and prohibited items along with his service dog.  They were about to be loaded into the cars and sent to another part of Mexico.

Approaching the suspicious container the dog immediately started to bark.  He made it clear to his officer that something was wrong here.  The workers opened the lid of the container and couldn’t believe their eyes:

The tiny tiger cub who had been previously drugged with sedatives squinted at the bright light that suddenly penetrated his beautiful eyes.

The cutie just lay inside the container and he had no water or food.

The baby was taken to the veterinarians for examination and they wanted him to be under their supervision:

And while the baby is in good hand the police will look for those who had been so cruel to this baby!

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