In Order to Prevent the Cat from Falling When Jumping out of the Window the Owner Built a Bridge for Him But Not an Ordinary One But a Feline Version of the Golden Gate

One day a resident of Great Britain whose name is Chris Burton was sleeping peacefully and nothing seemed to wrong until he was awakened by a strange grinding of claws on the windowsill at about 6 in the morning. No, it wasn’t a monster from the other world but Chris’s cat. The cat’s name is Reggie and he is 9 years old. The cutie loves to jump from the window to the roof of the garage which is about a meter from the house. It’s usually an easy thing for him but something went wrong that night. Fortunately, the catty didn’t fall down and he was alive and everything was okay with him but Chris was seriously worried. It was necessary to figure out how to make sure that the cat’a life wasn’t in danger.

This is Reggie the catty.

Reggie loves to eat, sleep and jump from the window to the garage which is located near the house.

He usually succeeds in jumping without any difficulty but one night he almost fell causing anxiety among his owners.

Chris is Reggie’s owner and he decided that he needed to build a bridge for his pet. Yes, he could make it out of a board but that would be boring.

Chris chose the famous Golden Gate as the prototype for the catty bridge.

It turned out to be not so easy but he was ready to do that for his beloved cat.

By the way, the cat was also involved in the process of making a bridge and he was eager to help his owner. We all imagine how the feline cuties usually help.

And now the cat-bridge is ready! It is installed and fixed.

The next morning the cat examined the new object which was created for him but he preferred the usual way of movement ignoring all the efforts of the owner.

The same thing happened the next morning. It turns out that the owner had been working so hard for 5 days just in vain!

But Chris didn’t give up so easily. So , he came up with a cunning  idea in order to lure Reggie to the bridge. He scattered some food on it.

And it really worked!

Now Reggie travels from the room to the garage very easily and quietly .

And the owners are now calm about the safety and health of the pet.

However, Chris is not going to stop on this: he plans to build a mansion for the sea pigs.  And he captured the process of creating the bridge on video.

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