This Dog Was Almost Bald and Sick But He Met Very Caring People and Now You Won’t Recognize Him

This is another sad story with a good ending which shows that love and care are capable of making miracles. The story’s main character is the Pit Bull named Oliver who was found on the streets of Chicago in a terrible state. The one-year-old doggy was almost bald and there were numerous scratches on his body and that’s why he constantly itched. The dog was taken to a local organization that takes care for the animals and there he suddenly sat in a cage and trembled with fear.

The Pitbull Oliver who was almost bald was found on the streets of Chicago.

A volunteer Stephanie Lee says that the dog had terrible scabies and he was constantly shaking and licking his paws. It became clear that this dog needs special care and an individual approach.

A shelter volunteer contacted a representative of the humanitarian community to find a solution for this problem.

Tanner Smith is an employee of the shelter and Stephanie turned to him . He fell in love with Oliver at first sight and decided to help the unfortunate doggy.

Despite the illness the dog was very friendly.

Volunteers think that Oliver had owners who abandoned him when he got ill instead of taking the cutie to the vet.

Stephanie and her husband Johnny took the dog home and started taking care of their new family member. At first it was hard for him to sleep.

The dog should have had baths with therapeutic shampoo and what’s very interesting is that he didn’t even resist as if he understood that he would get better after this.

The dog’s skin was also treated with special lotion and coconut oil. After a while the result became very noticeable.

Oliver became a healthy loving dog.

Stephanie says that he’s just a big puppy who wants to play.

Oliver had been taking care of the cutie for 6 months together with Stephanie and now that the dog is healthy they are looking for a loving family for him because the dog deserves it.

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