The Owners Wanted to Put the Too Big Dog to Sleep But the New Family Members Helped Him to Lose Weight and Turned Him into a Handsome Creature

We have a responsibility to take care of those who are next to us but not all the people follow this rule. The dog named Kai was so fed by his careless owners that he could no longer move normally. Then they decided that the best solution would be to euthanize the animal but the veterinarians refused to do it. Instead there appeared new owners who wanted to adopt Kai who helped the dog to lose weight and live a happy life again.

They wanted to put Kai the doggy to sleep because of his weight but the veterinarians refused to do that and the dog used the new chance to the fullest

A golden retriever named Kai was fed to an unhealthy size by the owners who clearly didn’t know how to care for the animal. In the end when the dog’s weight reached 77 kilograms the owners decided that the easiest solution would be to simply put the petty to sleep. However, the veterinary clinic refused to do this and called the volunteers.

Kai turned out to be so big that 2-3 people should lift him at once.

At the same time, the dog could walk only a dozen steps on its own and then he was tired.

The dog could neither run nor play with others so it was deprived of almost all the canine pleasures.

Pam Heggy decided to take the dog for a while and he immediately took up the health of her new pet.

When Pam first met Kai she wondered how the dog could enjoy his life.

To begin with, Kai was put on a special diet and didn’t give him extra sweets despite the plaintive looks.

He was also given a little workout in the water.

A cat with a charming nickname Cinder Block underwent similar procedures. But she treated them with much less enthusiasm.

Kai gradually began to lose weight and was finally able to do his favorite dog activities.

The dog walked in the park a lot and played with other dogs and he also fell in love with travelling. But his favorite moment was and remains the feeding process.

Thanks to the joint work of the owner and the dog Kai was able to lose weight up to 31 kilograms.

As a result the dog lost more than half of its weight. That was 41 kilograms on the whole. During this time Pam got so used to her new family member that she decided to become not a temporary but a permanent mistress for the cutie.

The former cutie has became simply unrecognizable!

Kai can now live a normal doggy life.

Kai managed to lose weight and his owner took another overweight dog for herself. Pam plans to help this poor creature so that he could lose weight. And when looking at Kai’s success we are sure that she will succeed in her new and good deed.

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