This Dog Plays the Role of a “Living Statue” No Worse Than His Master. Their Duet is Amazing

George who is from Venezuela earns his living by working as a “living statue” with the help of special makeup, elaborate costume and the ability to stand in one place for quite a long time and he easily turns into a sculpture of a fisherman. And an integral and the cutest part of his look is Haspe who is George’s pet and who is able to sit motionless in a fishing basket for almost three hours in(of course, with short breaks). The dog gets used to the role of a fishing catch so well that he allows himself to relax only when his owner stops the role.

The sculpture that George depicts is a reference to fishermen fishing in the Caribbean Ocean.

His outfit seems to be made of golden fish scales. At first it is difficult to notice Haspe but then it is already impossible to take your eyes off him. And it is Haspe that distinguishes the “statue” of George from all the others, because the cutie attracts the attention of the audience and even allows himself to be stroked.

However, it is still possible to distract him from work and in that case other dogs are to blame.

He gets very worried and starts to growl, but I taught him to stay calm and he’s started to get it right. But I always try to work in a place where there are not many other pets around, ” tells George.

Haspe has been living with George for almost two years and all this time the cutie has been helping him in his work.

Haspe was only a month old when he began to live with George and at first the owner left him at home when he went to work.

But I felt very guilty for leaving my friend alone so I decided to take him with me but I never thought that he would become a part of my job” says George.

However, Haspe got used to the work very well. He calmly sat in the basket and even tolerated the presence of the strangers who tried to stroke him, so Haspe decided that he would become an excellent companion and could even bring something new to his owners’ image. And so it happened!

Animal rights activists don’t like George’s modern approach to the art of “living statues” but he tries to calm them down.

I know that Haspe likes to be closer to me. And working with my doggy is a wonderful and unforgettable experience that will never hurt him ”says George.

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