10 Photos of the Pets Who Don’t Like the New Year At all

Here is December … Among the everyday thoughts and deeds, we always recall the memories about the wonderful holiday preparations. And even if we wait for magic not so much as before nothing will prevent us from making it joyful and bright for our loved ones.

During the preparations we don’t forget to buy antlers for doggies and a New Year’s cap for our cue cat.

Sometimes we may get the feeling that petties have their own plans for the New Year holidays and what’s worse is that it seems that they work in the team of the Grinch the Christmas Thief on a voluntary basis! There is nothing more joyful than filling up a decorated Christmas tree or peeling off the wrapper on gifts.

We have prepared a selection of photos that our smaller brothers seem to be definitely involved in a conspiracy!

Now is it clear what I think about this?

It’s a pity that the photo cannot transmit the sound off-screen and it seems that the kitty is laughing quite loudly …

Just imagine! They the poor cutie has nowhere to put his paws.

Jessie, Jessie don’t be afraid my dear friend! I see you and I am coming to help you …

It seems that the owner should have been keeping his shoes out of the reach of the kitty “ the model”.

I protest against personal violence! Well, I am looking forward to your ridiculous pictures on New Year …

Ohh, I am extremely tired and I want to rest a little!

The New Year’s Eve is canceled – because it’s time for everyone to sleep!

Well? How long will I have to rejoice?

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