The girl went to the shelter for a puppy, not even knowing what he looks like, because his appearance didn’t matter to her

Elena Kuzmina began to think about taking a dog from a shelter only after the death of her beloved shepherd dog Taiga.  

The girl really wanted just to make a friend, and the breed of animal didn’t matter to her at all. Lena called the shelter and asked if they had a smooth-haired puppy girl. It turned out, that there is! And now the girl was already on her way to take the baby home, although she had never seen her in her life.  

 The dog received the nickname Busya. She turned out to be a very cute little girl, who was very afraid of everything around her. Once she was so frightened by a sharp sound during a walk, that she twisted off the leash and rushed away into the open entrance door.  

At that moment, Elena realised how much she had become attached to Busya. In tears, she looked for her until late night, and then posted an ad on the Internet asking for help. And only twenty-two days later, the girl still found the lost dog. She hugged Busya, cried and promised her, that she would never let her go anywhere again. 

 Two years have passed since then. There is only one and only friend in her life, but Busya doesn’t need anyone else! 

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