A charming 2-week-old kitten was concealing in a textiles box and the owners weren’t able to find her more than an hour

Kittens photos in a textiles box spread all over the Internet and caused exceptional enthusiasm. 

A model Britney Ortiz shared his kittens photos on her Twitter account.

In two days, the photo received about 250 thousand likes. 

It started with the fluffy baby Channel’s disappearance. 

The owners tried to find the baby in the house for approximately an hour. 

The pet was finally found in a textiles box. 

Britney took the pet’s picture, at the time when he looked out of the box. 

The photo also attracted the attention of Mashable. 

It is possible, that the baby got into the box and fell asleep there. 

The woman also tells, that the pet was found accidentally.

The grandfather wanted napkins, so the pet was found that way. 

The photo was so well-known on the Internet, that the social news organized a real “photoshop fight”.

 Participants cut the puppy’s photo and fixed it in fascinating and embarrassed locations. 

Many users tell, that their pets also like boxes or bags. 

The expert-psychologist of cats, John Bradshaw says, that this characteristic is a result of a cat’s desire of safety and good sight. 

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