A group of killer orcas let the injured whale go, that was stuck in a net

 This is an amazing video, where a class of killer orcas assists to release a crippled whale captured in a net. 

The scene, that happened in Western Australia’s south coast was recorded. 

The liberation moment was particularly rare, because orcas often eat crippled whales and instead of eating it, they freed it.  

Jemma Sharp from Whale Watch Western Australia’s said, that when they saw the hurt humpback and a group of orcas they were worried.  

The whale was badly injured after being stuck in some ropes. Particularly when the group of killer orcas reached it. 

The three killer whales, named Hookfin, Blade and Matriach Queen, amazed everyone after discharging the humpback whale and then showing to give up interest. 

Whale Watchers Western Australia published a statement, “We saw, that this whale was tangled and we must say, it’s an awful situation, especially when you are trying to protect yourself from the ocean tom predators. 

“He twisted and we could see, that Blade was swimming straight to his fluke and was looking at the rope confusion…the orcas came towards the whale and the whale protected himself with pectoral find and quirk hitting”. 

“Matriarch Queen came and moved towards the humpback whale and then something amazing happened-the rope, in which the humpback whale was tangled floated free behind him”. 

Then the whale swam away into the ocean after being freed by his orca friends. 

 What an awesome fight!

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