With the help of a wheelchair, this adorable Husky, who was regrettably born without her four legs, now freely enjoys walking

This gorgeous and delightful dog Maya was unluckily born a little distinctive compared with other dogs. She had gone through innumerable experiences and tough situations during her life because of her strange and atypical appearance. The amazing creature, tragically, was born without paws which turned the basic activities and moves into burdensome experiences. It goes without saying that playing or simply running were amusements that were not destined for this poor doggie.

Besides the absence of four legs, Maya has other problems connected with her health as well. There is a degenerative condition she is now in that strongly affects her hips. Furthermore, she suffers from a bine disorder that makes all her movements even more difficult and challenging.

Despite all these diseases and problems. Maya has the most important characteristic- being high-spirited! She is definitely a survivor and warrior against all her disorders.

Thanks Heavens, Maya successfully found a softhearted woman who was eager to take care of her giving love and a great deal of attention. Once witnessing the cute puppy on Facebook, the gentle lady immediately fell in love with her. Before long, Maya managed to walk in a proper way due to a set of wheels and, of course, thanks to the caring and kind-hearted owner.

She also wears a flower crown way better than any one of us could. Maya also proved to be quite photogenic sharing very awesome and cute pictures warming everyone’s heart at the same time.

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