The situation has radically changed! Now people are locked in cages and the lions are investigating them freely roaming around

Nowadays, people start to perceive the vicious role of circuses and zoos and, gradually, more and more of them are strongly against those kind of amusements and entertainment that can easily distress animals making them desperately suffer in need for release. One of the most gorgeous and majestic animals in the wildness are, of course, lions and we all should remember that they as well as all other animals should be living in their natural habitat, in the wildlife. So in order to let animal stroll freely not causing them to feel anxious and depressed, as well as satisfy the travelers’ curiosity, one organization came up with a genius idea.

Their project’s main aims are to defend and save more lions in South Africa as their number has been dramatically decreased. They found a creative and ideal solution to this problem and created special cages where all the tourists could gain an opportunity to get closer to these massive beasts.

Later on, they explained that the underlying reason for their activity was to keep the lions healthy and safe at the sanctuary. Their plan definitely worked well and that may be appropriate for the professional enthusiastic photographers as well.

The incomes play a significant role for a sanctuary as well so while the lions are in complete protection and freedom, the sanctuary gets money.

They explained it was an absolutely new way of witnessing such wonderful creatures from different angles.

In China, a more creative way is used in order to keep the animals in independence and amuse the tourists at the same time: instead of lions, there are people kept in cages and it is now animals that are investigating them!

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