The Rescue of Baby Beluga Whale by the Young Boys

Once there was such a beautiful family who were enjoying their holiday on the shores of St. Lawrence River, Canada. But they suddenly had an unexpected visitor.

The family’s young boys were the first to notice the newborn little beluga whale who was washed up on the bank of the river.

As they went nearer to the whale they noticed an umbilical cord attached to her body which meant that this cutie was only a few hours old.

“We decided to dug a hole to make so that the water would accumulate and the cutie’s skin would hydrate,” – Milliard told.

The caring family who is from Quebec were able to keep the little beluga safe and sound until the rescuers arrived.

The little cutie’s survival is of great importance because the beluga population has been noticeably decreasing.

Well done to the young and caring boys for assisting and saving this unique creature and returning him to his home.

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