A baby whale was bored and he decided to escape from his sleeping mother to give the diver the best day of her life  

Teenage years are very difficult for parents to control. Teenagers hormonal rage gets out of control and they wants to do crazy things. But you will be amazed to know, that animals feel this as people. This baby whale was bored to be under his mother’s shadow and wanted to have adventures.  

As the whale mother feel asleep, the baby immediately decided to escape. And on his way to freedom he saw two divers. Divers were happy to befriend him. The photo’s from the drone perfectly captures this amazing moment. We can see, that the whale was enjoying the ocean, but he gets interested in humans and decided to get close to them.

And the teenage decided to swim and get close to the divers. It’s absolutely an unforgettable day for the divers and it will melt your heart. And the baby even allows them to ride him. They can’t introduce their excitement! After this amazing moment, the baby returns to his mother, as if nothing has happened. What a clever girl!

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