Everyone burst into laughter when this artistic and brilliant dog “played dead” on a TV show

You definitely feel proud and satisfied once you manage to teach your doggie a new surprising trick and then demonstrate it in front of your family members, yet, in this case, the whole country was witnessing this amazing dog’s extraordinary talent and skillfulness.

The dog’s owner felt absolutely proud of his dog’s artistic skills and was willing to show them off at one of the famous TV shows, at David Letterman. This brilliant dog made every dog owner feel jealous once witnessing the animal’s incredible abilities. The dog actually mastered in playing dead and he succeeded in performing the trick in any position and anywhere. He doesn’t even really need to lie in order to successfully perform this trick. Apparently, not every dog can do the same and, perhaps, that is probably the first time you see such a blessed dog.

The dog’s extraordinary and astonishing talent will surely remain in everybody’s mind who was lucky enough to be present during that TV show.

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