The helpful human supported his neighbour’s lonely doggy from the refuge

Dexter who was the doggy of Derek Schmit had a good friend named Doakes, who was their neighbour’s doggy. They enjoyed playing with each other. But once, Doakes disappeared. Later his family found out that he had been taken by an animal refuge. They decided to let him stay there.

Derek didn’t like the idea so he made a plan. Later he posted a video about his idea, which attracted millions of people.

In the video he told the viewers about his short visit to the refuge, where he saw that his neighbours wanted to leave their doggy there. He saved the poor doggy and gave him a great love.

@sunnyvaletrailerpark 3 shelters and 4 phone calls later. I found the neighborhood dog and adopted him, We gave him the life he deserves #dexterdoakes ♬ chrisklemens youre coming home with me – Chris Klemens

He began to tell his followers about his decision. Why did he choose Doakes?
Doakes was a doggy of his neighbours’. He was the best friend of his doggy Dexter. Each day he waited his lovely friend, who went to work with his owner. When they came back they played with each other. Once he disappeared. Later he found out that the animal control had caught him and for bringing him back his family had to pay the fee. But his family refused.

@sunnyvaletrailerpark Reply to @angelanetherton more about how we got doakes #dexterdoakes #storytime ♬ original sound – Sunnyvaletrailerpark

He continued his story saying that adopting the cutie was the best decision ha had ever made and now the doggies became faithful friends.

Then the owner told the people the story of Dexter, who had been in the same condition as Doakes. The owner had helped him, too, who had been left by a heartless family.

After that he posted another video, where he showed his two babies, who were playing together. He said that he was very glad to have them in his life. Surely, the two cuties felt the same thing towards their lovely owner.

@sunnyvaletrailerpark I love this video #dexterdoakes #shelterdogs #struckgold ♬ original sound – Sunnyvaletrailerpark

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