These sweethearts’ warmest friendship: an awesome monkey and a tiger cub sharing an inseparable bond between each other

If you’re having a bad day, enjoy this fascinating video showing a monkey and a tiger cub hanging out together

A very admirable moment an awesome little monkey and an adorable baby tiger hanging out together instantly gained popularity all over the internet. The staff of a Chinese zoo where they are currently living noticed their special and warm connection and decided to capture the precious moment on camera.

The famous footage on Douyin was caught in the Province of Hebei, Northern China. This tiny 4-month-old monkey and an awesome tiger cub definitely steal everybody’s heart. These two cuties were born virtually at the same time and since the very beginning they were spotted sharing a very friendly attitude towards one another. They are always enthusiastic and enjoy playing with each other and searching for new adventures.

Last year, this restless baby monkey wearing a diaper was captured riding on his faithful companion’s back. At this moment, they are kept in an enclosure full of many other animals, yet, there are regarded the most affectionate ones and are absolutely inseparable.

Originally, the newborn macaque feared of the tiger but, in the course of time, they became the closest companions supporting and comforting each other in difficult times. You can enjoy these sweethearts playing together in the following footage!

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