77 and Fabulous: Elon Musk’s Mother Takes the Internet by Storm with Her Glamorous Magazine Cover

“How does she look so young?” 🤯🫣 People don’t believe Elon Musk’s mother age. 🫢😱 She stuns the internet with her youthful elegance on a magazine cover at the age pf 77! 😍🔥 Check out her incredible photos in the article below! 👇

Elon Musk’s 77-year-old mother, May Musk, created a buzz online when she appeared on the cover of a top magazine, wearing a stylish outfit that highlighted her fit physique.

The photos of May showcased her elegance and confidence, drawing admiration from viewers who were impressed by her youthful look.

Many were surprised by how young she looks for her age, crediting her impressive appearance to her excellent genetics.

The photos received widespread attention on social media, with users praising May’s beauty and vitality at 77.

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