This gorgeous black horse’s innocent and hilarious action will definitely brighten up your day

The humorous moment a horse warmly greets a statue of a little foal immediately went viral

We have witnessed a lot of hilarious and amazing moments of animals while browsing the internet, yet, nearly all of them appear to be include only dogs or cats. We rarely come across other animals deeply impressing or brightening up our days. It, in fact, happens not often seeing a horse acting in this funny way.

And in this comparatively short footage we can see a glorious horse that effortlessly amazes us with his innocent unexpected gesture. The majestic animal originally looks very proud and graceful, that’s why no one expected him to perform such a hilarious action.

The gorgeous black horse peacefully walks with the girl handling him, once, surprisingly, he sees a little foal and immediately approaches it. He apparently didn’t know that it was just an inanimate statue, not a living creature. He gently came closer and greeted it as if saying “hello”. The moment immediately went viral and you also can watch the hilarious and cute moment below!

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