A boy handed approximately 800 parakeets to Detroit Animal Welfare Group

Once on Christmas Detroit Animal Welfare Group got approximately 400 parakeets from a boy, who had found them in his father’s house. The members of the group were in surprise when they saw the number of the birds. They really needed support.

The boy thought that they had 60 to 80 parakeets, but the real number of the birds was huge. They were 497, which were handed to the group.

After receiving the first 497 parakeets, the members immediately solved the problem connected to food. And due to the effort of other people and their team, the poor birds got an excellent support.

They could help them by giving a place for living and a lot of food. The baby parakeets got much attention than the older ones.

After some time they received other 339 birds and the total number was 836.

The poor birds were defenseless and thanks to a lot of helpful people they became healthy and strong.

First they thanked the boy, who really had done a great job for the poor birds.

The director of the group noted that they didn’t apply the authorities about the bad condition of the poor birds. They suggested their help and gave the group a big support, which was really appreciable.

Now they continue to be treated under the rescuers care. They are searching for a helpful person, who will build an interim aviary.

For adoption they need the families who will know everything about these birds. They live only 15 years. They are very noisy, they like to fly a lot and be in freedom from time to time.

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