A Dog That Has Been Living in a Crate for 6 Years Has Just Forgotten How to Walk and Trust People

The first thing Shira Astrof did when she took her dog from a shelter in West Valley, Los Angeles was to give her a new name. She wanted to completely clear the terrible past of the cute animal and give her a new chance for a joyful doggy life.

Shira named the doggy Ruby and surrounded her with lots of care and affection. She heals the doggy and cares for her. Ruby responds with lots of kindness.

The shelter workers said that they found Ruby in a deplorable state. When she came to her owners at the age of 10 months Ruby was a very healthy and cheerful puppy and just six years later she became an incredibly sick and exhausted dog.

When the police turned to the animal rights activists for help they found an exhausted dog who was terribly emaciated and weighed only 18kg.

Some time later it was found out that the dog was locked up in a wooden cramped box and wasn’t allowed to go out. The poor creature forgot how to walk because of a complete immobility. She was so depressed that she didn’t even react to anything.

Ruby the cutie had a long way in rehabilitation and many restorative procedures but he still hasn’t gained normal weight. The dog is also given regular massage and acupuncture treatments.

Ruby slowly gets to her feet and re-learns to walk.

Shira discovered that Ruby is a fan of classical music because she starts to actively wag her tail as soon as she hears it.

The girl love dog very much and believes that this is the best thing that happened in her life.

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