97-Year-Old Grandfather Left Home Secretly, but His Cat Didn’t Leave the Owner Alone

Everyone tries to look after elderly people everywhere in the world. Senile changes sometimes force them to do things that can cost their own lives. For instance, a Taiwanese named Datuk, who celebrated his 97th birthday, almost never leaves his home.

In general, it is difficult for him to move and also the memory fails the man. Therefore, after leaving the house, he may simply not understand how to go back. But recently Datuk disturbed all his relatives. He imperceptibly left the house without warning anyone.

All the locals had been searching for Datuk for several hours. He was found on one of the local roads. It turned out that Datuk remembered that he had not seen his wife for a long time. She is 89 years old and now lives in a nursing home because of progressive dementia.

The distance of two kilometers that grandfather covered was very difficult for him. But all the way he was supported by his four-legged friend.  Xiao Ke cat did not leave the man even for a minute.

Xiao Ke appeared in the family due to Datuk. He found the kitten 15 years ago and took care of it himself. As a result, the cat became incredibly loyal to the man.

Datuk lives alone; his wife left for a nursing home and the children and grandchildren have their families. Therefore, in recent years, Xiao Ke has also become the main and closest friend of the Taiwanese.

The man said that during the road, the cat calmly stood next to him even during numerous halts. When Datukh wanted to surrender, it began to rub against his legs and purr, as if encouraging him for continuing the path.

The Datuk family is happy that their old grandfather has such a loyal tailed friend. And the owner himself believes that without its constant presence nearby, he would not be able to cope with anything.

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