A man rescued the little swan and when he grew up he didn’t want to fly away

An outstanding friendship story

Once Rob saw an injured swan, and took him. The poor animal was weak, but he had a huge will to live and his chances of survival were good.

The man took him to the vet and there he was told, that he must eat a lot of food. It turned out to be the child of a wild swan, and he needed much live and attention.

Robert had to take the swan with him everywhere in order the animal wouldn’t get bored and he could feed him on time.

Very soon Sydney got so used to the man, that he didn’t want to leave Robert’s side. They started to do everything together, they sleep, travel and went shopping together.

Robert had a Chihuahua puppy in his house and the swan befriended him.

But people can’t go against nature. The man decided to take the swan to the shelter, where it would find a mate and live his life. But the animal refused to stay there.

The zookeepers returned the bird to Robert and he was also happy, as he was worried about the bird and missed him so much. Now they love together, Robert, his wife, Sydney and the dog.

This is an example of an extraordinary friendship stories.

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