Here are the pictures of Julia Roberts’s already grown up children

This is how kids of Julia Roberts currently look like

Everyone will probably recognize this beautiful woman- Julia Roberts, who is a famous, very talented, successful and simply stunning actress from Hollywood. We are also well aware of the fact that she is not only a brilliant actress, but also a caring mom.

The popular celebrity raises three kids, twins- daughter Hazel and son Finneas and a younger son Henry Moder.

The daughter Hazel now studies at a private school, Los Angeles, and is, according to reliable sources, a brilliant and flawless student. She has also tried her skills at acting and already managed to star in a couple of movies. Whereas, she has a cherished dream – to become a model.

Yet her twin, Phineas, hasn’t decided who he wants to become in the future yet and the younger brother will probably specialize in singing as he is already taking vocal lessons and clearly has great potential.

As Julia has strongly forbidden them to have accounts on social media, it took a lot of attempts for the paparazzi to capture the famous actress’s wonderful children.

But recently, the woman’s beloved husband shared a fascinating photo revealing their whole family and capturing the photo “The beautiful mom is in the center, we love you so much”.

The gorgeous actress also refused to neglect the Mother’s Day and finally shared a family photo with her loyal fans.


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