Facundo Arana from “Wild Angels”: What do the actor’s wife and children look like 

This is how the actor’s beautiful wife and kids look

The talented actor from Argentina, Facundo Arana, is famous for his legendary role in the popular series named “Wild Angels”. In the 90s, probably each and every girl was madly in love with the attractive and handsome actor: his blond hair, blue eyes and wisdom stole absolutely everyone’s heart. Whereas, the actor himself was always loyal to his one and the only woman, his beloved wife who he simply adored.

They have been married for already 7 years, but their relationship, in fact, lasted much longer. The talented actor already turned 47 and his gorgeous wife 43, she is 4 years younger than the actor himself. Maria was a model, whereas, chose to leave her career for her husband and three kids dedicating her whole life to them. Surprisingly, she decided to marry the actor after the birth of their three wonderful children.

The elder daughter is still 11. She is one year older than her siblings with whom she gets along quite well. The adorable twins were born in 2009 and the loving couple was able to overcome the difficulty of raising them together at the same time.

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