The very wonderful blue parrot known from the movie called ‘Rio’ is officially extinct now

The absence of Blu the famous parrot

The recent studies suggest that at least eight bird species have gone extinct during the recent years. This also includes the popular blue parrot from the film “Rio”.

“Pleas from the high-spirited film, Rio, for humans to care about the Spix’s macaw may have come too late. As of a few days ago, the Spix’s macaw has been declared extinct in the wild. Human interference in their native lands proved to be too much for this little blue macaw.

The cute “actor’s” name is Blu and when he flies back to Brazil from the United States in search of Jewel, the species’ lone remaining female, the parrots struggle for their lives. However, in the end of the happy scenario, the two wonderful creatures meet, fall in love, make a wonderful family and have a child. Unfortunately, Spix’s Macaw parrots didn’t survive in real life.

Despite the fact that most bird extinctions have occurred on isolated islands, the studies show that the most recent ones took place in South America. And unfortunately, deforestation in many areas has had a devastating effect.

What concerns the bright blue parrots, they are currently gone in the wild. Nevertheless, some specimens are even kept in captivity for their own sake.

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