“DiCaprio at a nightclub with Victoria Lamas”: Shortly after breaking up with Morrone, DiCaprio was caught at a nightclub

Paparazzi caught DiCaprio at a nightclub with 23-year-old actress Lamas

The incredible news that the legendary Hollywood actor DiCaprio and a youthful girl left a nightclub together and got into the car left the netizens speechless. The fact that the legendary actor rushed to look for a new lover shortly after breaking up with model Morrone greatly surprised his fans.

As it later turned out, it was film star Victoria Lamas. This surprising news, of course, caused a stir on network and the rumors about their romantic relationship immediately spread everywhere.

It is worth mentioning that the one who took pictures of them claimed that they were definitely dating.

Paparazzi claimed as well that they were actually not alone in the car but with a group of friends.

It should be noted that many are more than sure that the well-known actor is with supermodel B. Hadid who is also much younger than DiCaprio. The thing is that they were once caught while having dinner at a restaurant.

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