The sweet dog who had undergone surgery was reunited with his owner and something heartbreaking happened there

The touching reunion of an owner and his pet after surgery 🐶❤️👨‍🦰

If you keep a pet at home, you’ll surely agree that they are an essential part of our lives, so when something is wrong with them, we become very nervous and anxious.

This happened with our today’s hero, who found out that there’s a lump on his dog’s neck.

He hurried to take his dog to a vet clinic and it turned out that he needed a quick surgery.
During the whole process, the man stayed at the hospital until the surgery was finished.

When everything was ok and the dog could return home, they met each other in the corridor and something exciting happened there.

The sweet dog jumped into his man’s arms and strongly hugged him. They couldn’t stop kissing and cuddling each other.

It’s really heartbreaking!

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