These are 18 most attractive and handsome men actors who were adored by millions of women

Here are popular movie stars who used to steal millions of women’s hearts

These legendary and successful male actors were constantly in the center of female attention stealing millions of hearts about 20-40 years ago.

They, undoubtedly, have radically changed since the movies they brilliantly starred in were released and it is totally natural that some of them have become unrecognizable and got much older. Whereas our fond memories about them always keep them young and handsome for us.

So let’s now look at these male movie stars who used to attract millions of hearts at their time.

B. Ian Glen

P. Gallagher

N. Cage

K. Russell

J. Van Damme

E. Roberts

V. Perez

W. Harrelson

S. Penn

J. Carrey

Ch. Lambert

R. Crowe

J. Travolta

R. Fiennes

K. Branagh

J. Irons

B. Fraser

D. Thewlis

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