The Girl Thought That Her Cat Was Sick, but It Turned out That It Was Just a Pet of an Expensive Breed

The story of the cat Gracie began with the fact that a resident of the American state of Maine picked up two pregnant cats at once. This cat was one of those twelve kittens.

It had no undercoat since childhood. And as it got older, Gracie’s hair began to grow unevenly and in shreds. There was no hair near its face at all, so outwardly this kitty looked like a little ghoul.

Britney was worried about the kitten’s health.  But it turned out that the unusual appearance is due to a rare genetic mutation that turns Gracie into an incredibly expensive cat.

Lycoes differ from their closest relatives, ordinary domestic cats, by the complete absence of undercoat and with their strange, uneven fur growth. Lycoes were originally thought to be a type of sphinx, but scientists quickly figured out that this was not the case.

They appeared only 20 years ago, and the breed was registered only in 2010.

Now you can get hundreds of dollars for such a cat, because of its resemblance to the heroes of European mythology.

But Britney is not going to sell her pet. She even opened a TikTok page for her, which quickly gained huge reach.

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