The Canadian Peacocks-Criminals Hinder the Sleep and Spoil Cars and the Authorities Don’t Know How to Deal With Them

Peacocks are the wonderful natural wonders that you can admire without stopping for a second until they start to open their mouths and terrorize those who are around them. A kind of similar story happened with the residents of Canada of the cities of Vancouver and Surrey. The fact is that the mating season has begun for the peacocks but this isn’t the worst thing. During this period the birds become very aggressive and attack their rivals who are… afraid when they see their own reflection in the cars of local residents.

In such cases not only did the vehicles which are violently pecked and scratched with clawed paws but also the physiological state of people suffer because the little birds scream all night long! The city authorities are trying to solve this problem but nothing has worked out so far. It reached the point that the situation began to be considered emergency and unforeseen. The local residents really hope that the authorities will still be able to resolve this misunderstanding and the local residents will get enough sleep.

The journalist Sarah MacDonald came to the scene of the “crime” to film the situation but she was attacked as well.

The situation with peacocks was also highlighted by the local TV channel which was interviewed by one of the local residents who received a $ 1000 fine for trying to save his property.

The fact is that Parm Brar cut down the tree on which the peacock’s nest had been settled for many years. The action was considered to be illegal and that’s why the man received a fine. Moreover, the homeless peacocks have begun to continue their disturbing behavior more often. Nevertheless, the man doesn’t regret his deed because the birds retreated from the Parma house at least a little bit.

This situation had a strong response on the social media.

It’s better for me to hear the loud voice of these birds than the loud voice of my neighbors. “

And here is another reasonable point.

Don’t you think that it would be better for the cuties to live in their natural habitas ? “

And this is a comment of a girl who aparanetwly didn’t have to live next door to peacocks.

I don’t see any problem here. The place would be a heaven for me to live in.”

Some users suggested starting the hunting period.

And yet the majority people agree that the beat place for birds ro dwell is somewhere far away from people.

The situation would be quite amusing if not for the damage caused by these creatures. It remains to hope that the local authorities will be able to cope with this emergency situation caused by our feathered creatures as quickly as possible!

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