This youthful bride wore her 89-year-old grandma’s wedding dress and looked simply amazing

The bride wore the wedding dress of her granny and looked simply gorgeous

There are things which are precious for our hearts and Ellie from the US was lucky to find such thing – her 89-year-old granny’s charming wedding dress.

Just imagine how touched the elderly woman felt when she learnt that her beloved granddaughter was going to wear her dress on her own wedding.

The grandmother had saved that dress during all these years and it seems like it was actually waiting for Ellie. All the guests were simply amazed and couldn’t stop admiring the charming girl. She simply sent it to dry cleaning and the unearthly beautiful dress was completely ready.

On social media, Ellie shared that her grandmother and her have always been in a close and inseparable relationship as the girl was raised next to her. And when Ellie found out her wedding dress was still there, she had no other choices any more.

The elderly woman burst into tears seeing her wearing the dress which became one of the most precious things for Ellie.

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