These are secrets to “ageless beauty and youth”: What to do in order to look 50 at 80

Here is what to do in order to maintain your beauty and look younger

Recently, Philomena Uerihey shared her secrets to how to look 50 at 80, maintain your beauty and look much younger than you actually are.

The gorgeous woman is a mother of four and is going to celebrate her 80th birthday in October, which is simply unbelievable.

According to Philomena, she still has desire to live in the prime of her life, is full of energy and constantly motivates others to be who they want to.

Diet 70-20-10

Her staple diet’s 70 percent consists of fruit, vegetables and cereals. 20 percent is proteins, fish, chicken, and 10 percent is fats, as she mentions.


The stunning woman shared that since the age 40 she started running which radically changed her life. Initially, her daughter had to run every day for a scholarship and suggested her mother joining her. Currently, due to this activity, Philomena manages to keep herself fit and look 40 at her 80.


The gorgeous woman always shares her thoughts in her diary and writes what she is grateful for. She explains that doing this helps her stay optimistic, open-minded and happy.


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