The two-legged cat will astonish you with how much he can do

A sweet cat, that will make you do everything he wants

A kangaroo like rescue cat named Able had only two legs and moves by jumping. “I felt such enthusiasm and inspiration to live my life after meeting Able for the first time.” told Able’s owner.

When the feline was only a year old, he was electrocuted after falling on an unsecured wire, when he was trying to catch a bird on the roof. The kitten lost his tail and front legs. Happily a woman named Walai Srivoonvorakul decided to rescue the poor baby from living on the streets of Chiang Mai.

Two woman did every possible thing to halo the kitten recover and after two years the creature is now competing recovered. “We decided to name him Able, as he is able to so all the things, that other animals can. And also he has a sister named Fin Fin, who couldn’t use her hind legs. The two cats with opposite leg ailments are inseparable and supplement each other.

When the cat was approximately a year old, the kitten climbed on an unsecured wire and was electrocuted and lost his front legs.

“I felt such excitement and desire to live my life after meeting Able.”

The cute cat can now climb stairs, jump a great distance and chase other cats.

“He also likes to play with the kids and will make you do everything he wants.”

Able has a sister named Fin Fin, who can’t use her hind legs and the two are inseparable.

When people meet Able, they don’t believe he has problems, as he knows how to enjoy life fully!

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