A gold-colored retriever surprises the audience with amusing tricks at a dog competition  

Dogs are frequently considered man’s closest companion, and for good reason.

You will find a fellow as well as a defender in a dog. They are the spring of endless joy.

Dogs have never been judgmental and will give you unlimited love as well as devotion as long as you nurse them. We are all familiar with the phrase “be the person your dog thinks you are.”

Nevertheless, dogs can sometimes misbehave as well as be a bit mischievous. More like little children. You cannot expect them to be flawless. After all, who said possessing a dog would be easy?

This wonderful gold-colored retriever was in a dog match, and while he was having a great time, his master got a bit embarrassed.

The major aim of the competition was for the dogs to reach their masters when called. The problem was that the route was full of treats and toys, so the dog had to be very controlled.

This retriever had other intentions. When called, he attempted to take at least a little bit of every treat as well as play with every toy along the route.

As embarrassed as the retriever’s master was by the amusing tricks, his fuzzy fellow must have been delighted. It was one of those chances that you never miss.

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