The grandmother crocheted a sofa for the cat

A surprising gift for the cat

The best present isn’t always the one you bought, but also the one you make by yourself. And that’s the case when cat named Cat found out, that her grandmother wanted to give him a special place to sleep.

Cat loves to nap on her father’s foot, that may be unusual if he wants to stand up. The owner named Josh told: “She is the oddest cat I have ever seen. She is really unpredictable. When I work from home he spends most of the time napping on my feet.”

When it was time for Josh’s birthday his mother decided to give something, that would help both Josh and his feet.

Josh’s mother in low saw a special design and spent two days crocheting a small sofa for Cat, with a small blanket.

When the Cat got the gift, she was indifferent, as she didn’t know what to do with it. But after some time she started to change her mind.

Cat had a few attempts to understand how it works, but now as she got used to it she’s happy.

Josh’s feet is relaxing thanks to Cat’s new couch and now the old cat has a safe place.

“She likes both sleeping on a person and resting on a cushion, And if the person is too restive she will get up and find a cushion. But she has been resting on her couch instead of a cushion.”

“The cat is happy.”

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