These two wonderful raccoons are having fun playing in their new tiny tent

Inside the tent, the raccoons begin to play as well as relax. 

It’s the 555th day of living with raccoons and the man has a present for his furry fellows. Preparing for the upcoming journey, he returns home with unique bags in his hands.

He starts unwrapping one of the bags, which he considers is too covered, so it takes time to open it. Shortly, he discovers that it is artificial grass measuring 1 m by 1 m.

Captain Atty is interested in the grass, while Ui is more cautious and slowly approaches the green grass. After that, the grass opens and the man opens a tiny camp, then next to it.

The tent is not expensive but well made. Atty doesn’t like soft pillows, so the man cuts a piece of grass that can fit inside the tent. A few feet away, Ui follows calmly.

The new piece of grass is cut and fits ideally inside the tent. The man points to an old tent they used, but it got covered in mud during the rain, so he uses it inside.

Luckily, the new tent is waterproof and the lawn is easy to clean and dry rapidly. Before he starts playing with the raccoons, he cleans up all the scattered grass.

Inside the tent, the raccoons begin to play as well as relax, but Atty carries on rolling on the grass, crawling under it like everything else. They should be prepared to go camping by the following week.

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