A wonderful rescued puppy is picked up as well as taught how to walk properly  

Luckily, this puppy will be able to walk over time.

Tia receives a message about a rejected puppy at the ranch and hurries to save her. Luckily, the farmers kept her secure inside.

There’s a call about a rejected puppy at a sugar cane farm. Tia hurries to the scene, fearing the puppy is defenseless but is relieved as soon as two farmers come out and one of them hugs the puppy tenderly.

She takes the puppy and discovers that she has trouble walking on her forepart legs, walking on her ankles instead. The malformation may be genetic or because of nutritional deficiencies.

So, they carried Bulldog named Blance to the vet facility, where they made a decision to bandage her legs. Because she is young and her bones are still faint, they can straighten out over time.

Tia has a lot to do and no longer looks after puppies, so she turns to her daughter Tania to look after Blance.

They note that Tania is not a puppy person, but instantly became attached due to Blanche’s charming face.

It may be several more months before she can remove the bandage from her legs.

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