This man spots “Free Puppy” writing and takes one home after learning he’s so much more than just a puppy  

The story of Neo with a happy termination.

When a Tucson, Arizona resident spotted writing saying “Free Puppy”, he made up his mind to use the free pet.

The man has long desired to get a puppy and presently seems to be the ideal time for this. So, the man knocked on the door where the writing was attached and bought himself a puppy, which he named Neo.

From the very beginning, Neo was a little different from other dogs. Even as a puppy, Neo was always digging or climbing over the barrier in order to play with the dogs. And when Neo grew up, his master had to figure out why his dog had so much desire to be with other dogs.

“According to the masters, Neo was digging or climbing over the barrier to play with the neighborhood dogs,” Wolf Connection’s Kate Salansky reported to The Dodo. “He built a taller barrier to hold himself back, but Neo chewed through it and kept running.

Neo was actually looking for his pack because, as unlikely as it may seem, Neo is not a dog. He is a wolf dog.

As you can imagine, possessing a half-wolf as a pet can be hazardous, so Neo’s master made up his mind that it would be ideal for him to live where he could be with other wolves.

“I was walking with another worker,” Maureen O’Neill of the Humane Association of Southern Arizona reported to The Dodo.

“I spotted a couple with long legs walking towards the front door with a dog. It wasn’t his body composition that caught my attention, but his attitude. Neo completely avoided human contact.

The couple walking with him looked as messed up as I could describe.

No, Neo, at last, found his package. Read more about his story with a happy termination below.

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