A couple saved a little sick cat on the street

A little kitten recovered and made a new friend 

Gloraeanna and her friends didn’t know whether the little cat they discovered on the street is still alive or not.

And all of a sudden she lifted her head and they they they couldn’t leave her alone.

“Zaak and I discovered this kitten on the street when we were returning from our bike ride. We thought she wasn’t alive, until she moved her head.” told Gloraeanna.

“We started to cry, as we were afraid to see her passing away. We sat for ten minutes and when she looked to get better we drove her home and cleaned her up.”

And when they touched her, the kitten became very active. She started to purr and meow.

The couple was amazed to see such an extreme change in her in such a short amount of time.

They named her Mira and thought how to drink from a bottle.

The little animals was given a plush toy to be her friend as she started to recover.

Mila has recovered fully and has a new friend named Izuko.

And when it’s time for sleep the two friends like to play together.

It shows, that the love and care can live long.

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