After a harsh attack by street animals a homeless cat finally finds a permanent home

An injured kitten found a loving home

What happens to a cat, whose owners have left it? These cats are frightened and lack the needed hunting instincts. They are struggling for their life in terrible circumstances. They can’t find food on their own and are often attacked by homeless animals.

Randy was abandoned to struggle the weather and predators when his owner left him. The poor cat was abandoned outside for the whole winter without shelter. He had to collect food wherever he could. The neighbours found him the next summer and understood he was injured.

Randy was attacked by another animal, who left a big mark on his face. His injuries were infected and one of his eyes was shut. The neighbours called RappCats and told about his injury and also volunteered to help in his capture, so that they could care for him. Randy was caught and taken to the vet for examination and treated for hunger and tiredness.

It took months for Randy to recover and relearn to trust others. Randy was able to recover thanks to love and care of RappCats. He was adopted by a loving and caring family. Randy is a very fortunate cat right now.

RappCats assisted this story.

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