Mother cat did a smart action and saved herself, her two kittens and future babies. That’s interesting!

This is what the mommy cat did for her helpless kittens.

Meet Mama Ally, a caring mother cat who came up with a clever idea to save and protect her babies. She believed that bringing her kittens into someone’s backyard would help them be noticed and saved, and that way she would create a better future for them.

The idea worked and a woman noticed them and connected with Sparkle Cat Rescue. They came and took the cat’s family to the shelter, where they discovered that Ally was pregnant.

The staff found a foster family for the mother, who stayed under the strong care of Monica, a kindhearted woman, who gave her everything she needed.
Now Ally loves to be loved and caressed and enjoys to sleep in her owner’s shoes.

After a short time Ally gave birth to 5 cute kittens. As for her two older babies, they found their forever homes, too.

Mama Ally is a wonderful mother and takes care about her kittens perfectly.
It’s so pleasant to see that one more family was saved and was given a second chance at life.

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