In Nashville a mysterious cat was found with an Italian microchip

A mystery of an orange cat with microchip, that wasn’t registered 

The disappearance of a cute orange cat in Nashville has made an international detective operation to find out where she comes from. How did a cat with a microchip inserted in Italy appear in Nashville?

The story of a homeless cat found at the Nashville International Airport was shared on Facebook.

“Today we have a story of a stray cat to share with you.”

This week an orange cat was found near the airport. Our experts examined it for a microchip and found one inserted in Italy, although it wasn’t registered.

The shelter wrote, that the chip wasn’t registered and there’s no other information.

It’s possible, that the cat’s owner forgot to register the microchip either by mail or online.

And the story of an orange cat immediately became a mystery to solve. This story has already been shared 1.5k times. Almost 175 detectives wrote in the comments. And also there was an Italian veterinarian.

To have a larger search group some advised posting the story on Facebook, while someone advised posting it on TikTok.

Some thought, that the cat may have come from a military family. And they contacted the army vet clinics in Vicenza and Naples.

Others wanted any information, but for the privacy the owner’s contact information is limited.

Many individuals volunteered to find the cat’s owners in Italy. And as a result the cat will soon be reunited with his owner. Even if it wasn’t there are many people who wanted to adopt him in Nashville.

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