80 000 bees led by an artist create incredible works of art leaving the entire world speechless

Here is the process of creating masterpieces of art by 80 000 artist-led bees

Each and every person expresses their thoughts and emotions in absolutely different ways and no one actually has the right to argue about a particular work of art since we all perceive it differently. Beekeeper and artist Robin Theron received commission from whiskey maker Dewar who suggested making a new drink with honey taste.

As everyone knows, bees are very diligent and hard-working creatures. They simply need to be led properly.

Robin made a plastic mold in the form of a bottle in which he placed honeycomb wax.

Soon, this became a hive for a swarm of 80 000 bees to build the honeycomb inside.

The process, as you can clearly see, was 100 percent natural and the bees undoubtedly did a great job!

Afterwards, the plastic was carefully removed and the bees were replaced.

An absolutely unique sculpture was created which became a great idea for the advertisement of that drink.

Here is the real art!

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