Finally a wild cat holds the hand of his foster mother

An incredible and sweet moment of an aggressive cat holding his rescuers hand

When it was time to transfer to a care facility, an old lady had thirteen cats living below her trailer.

Sadly, no one wanted to feed them and it was -40 degrees outside. Someone had to rescue these poor kittens, who were now living in below zero temperatures.

Happily a nearby living people called SOS Prairie Rescue, who were able to rescue all of the animals, including a big ginger cat named Eeyore. One of the rescuers Marcia thought, that Eeyore wouldn’t be re-homed with the other cats on the farm and took him in as a foster.

He had everything he needed in his big kennel in her garage, but he would hide in his little cabin whenever she went into the garage to check him or feed.

So she arranged her phone, pressed the record button and saw that he only came out when there was no one.

When she tried to come over Eeyore, he hissed and swatted her with his claws. But Marcia wasn’t going to give up. She just spent some time in a garage so he could get acquainted to her smell and feel more at ease with her.

She just placed her hand next to him while wearing a pair of two thick gloves, showing, that she wasn’t going anywhere and that her hand wouldn’t harm him.

Then after watching one of the videos she had captured on her phone, she understood that his teeth were in terrible condition.

And Marcia understood, that Eeyore was going through a lot of pain. And she was able to collect the necessary amount of money for the dental procedures and when he came after the operation, he looked to be in a good mood.

“I and finally well.” he said, looking at Marcia. Then something incredible happened: Eeyore placed his paw on Marcia’s hand, as if showing he was holding her hand. And it was a really amazing moment.

Marcia wanted very much to adopt Eeyore, but she couldn’t. She was worried about finding him a forever home in which he could live freely.

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